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Basketball Update – 25 August


Basketball Update – 25 August

Wentworth Lions Win 27-2 Kingsway Edge The Wentworth Lions played Kingsway Edge and had a big win of 27 to 2. We had no subs so we did get tired, however the Kingsway team were a lot smaller which made it easier. We did get a bit over-confident at times and missed...

Hockey Update – 31 August

Boys’ First XI The senior boys hockey team completed their season with a close and hard fought Grade 3a final against Albany Senior High School.  It was an amazingly close match, with Wentworth taking the lead leading into the second half.  Unfortunately two...

Wentworth has talent!

Today we were treated to a special performance by one of our Year 4 friends. She showed us the Hulusi – a Chinese instrument, also known as the Cucurbit Flute. We were fascinated by the different tones the flute could make and we even thought that it reminded us...

Laptop fun!

Computational Thinking as a curriculum subject encompasses learning in areas such as ICT, Programming, E-safety and Digital Media. This week we deviated from our Bee Bot work to focus on getting to grips with the fundamentals of a laptop.  We loved exploring the...

Karearea can RUN!

The weather was kind as our Karearea lined up for the start of our annual cross-country event. Each member of the Year 1 class set themselves a goal and worked hard towards reaching this target during training sessions, in preparation for the big day! It was a fun...

Fractions, Fractions and more Fractions

We have been on a self discovery journey learning about fractions using materials.  We are finding out what fractions are and how they work.   Firstly we wrote what we knew about fractions. Then we played with fraction blocks to see what we could discover. Below...

Term 3, Weeks 1 – 3 Highlights

Hi parents, Here’s some highlights from the term thus far… New Students At the start of Term 3, we had two young men join us: Konstantin and Ollie. Three weeks in, they’re part of the team, and it’s easy to forget that they’re new.  ...

Investigating Absorbency

We have been learning about different materials.  One of our investigations has been testing different types of paper to discover which was the most absorbent to the least. First we made a prediction on ranking the papers from most absorbent to the least.  Next we...

Hei Tiki

Welcome to Term 3. We have had an extremely busy start to our new term and we are very excited about the School Production that will be taking place in the final week of Term 3. During Week 2 we began our introduction to Sculpture and our focus has been on the Hei...

Data Handling

We have had a very busy start to Term 3! In Maths, we have been learning about Data Handling. Here are some photos of us collecting data, sorting it, and displaying our findings in a way that is easy for other people to understand.

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