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Yum, Yum Purple Caulifower


Yum, Yum Purple Caulifower

We have been enjoying eating the incredible vegetables from our garden especially the purple cauliflower. A big thank-you to the parents that have given seedlings to replenish the garden. It has been fantastic seeing the community come and pick fresh vegetables and...
Wentworth Senior Hockey teams

Wentworth Senior Hockey teams

Congratulations to both the Boys and Girls Hockey First XI teams. The girls finished their season on a high, with a 4 – 0 victory against Massey First XI to place them 3rd in the 2nd Division. This is an exceptional achievement given they commenced the season in...

Maths Magicians

Our Maths Olympics against the parents was great fun! Congratulations to the following teams, which performed extremely well: Arthur Weasley (winners); Dobby (joint 2nd); Fang (joint 2nd) and Hermione Grainger (3rd)


The Rockets played awesomely well as a team against the Silverdale Shooters winning 16/10. Everyone gave it heaps with Eli rightly named Player of the Day. Eli scored a few goals but the BIG one was a 3-pointer that left everyone on and off the court going WOW!...

Flowers and Fish!

Daffodil Day was a wonderful opportunity for our students to dress up in mufti and support the Cancer Society. Thank you for your generous donations! Our Hihi class joined forces with the Kereru class to make Japanese Koi inspired art.  After discovering the...

Pumpkin Soup Day!

We recently read a book about growing pumpkins and making pumpkin soup and decided to make our own! It was a great success and EVERYONE liked it!* What a great way to get some veggies into us and keep warm on a cold day. We even saved some seeds to grow in the school...

Netball – Years 5 & 6 – Stars

Our Years 5 & 6 Netball team, the Wentworth Stars, played another good game on Thursday 15th August.  They are really doing well at slowing the ball down and keeping possession and completing goals. The half time score was 19 -2 to the Stars.. But after half time...

Flippa Ball – Years 5 & 6 – Warriors

Our Years 5 & 6 Warriors played the Red Beach Rays on Sunday 18th August.  This was a convincing win and a whole team effort. Our defenders consistently pushed the opposition out of our red zone and maintained a solid wall that proved very difficult for the...

Flippa Ball – Years 3 & 4 – Marlins

Our Years 3 & 4 Marlins team played a great game on Sunday 18th August against the Gulf Harbour School Finns. It’s great to see that some of our combinations are starting to work, with players marking their zone and strikers swimming with the ball. A couple more...

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