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In PE the children have been learning to work as a team with various team challenges.  This week the challenge was get the hula hoops around the circle one clockwise the other anticlockwise without letting go of hands.  Some of the learning was how to communicate...

Long O Sound

We have been learning all the spelling patterns for the long o sound.  Check out our rhymes we made up to help us learn the different spelling patterns.


Our Science topic this term is Light and Dark and we have been looking at what causes Shadows. We have already learned that a shadow is made when something blocks the light. We had fun drawing around toy animals… …and seeing the best way to make them stand...

Term 1, 2019, Weeks 1 – 4

HI PARENTS, Let me help you get a visual on class Kotare, 2019!   MATHS Surely there’s no better way to learn about measurement than to actually measure things! SCIENCE We’ve been learning about states of matter (solids, liquids and gases). Here we...

Frogs and Toads

No, not bring a reptile to school day – but mathematical problem-solving in the Parera Class! Objective: Make the frogs and toads swap places. Move all the green frogs so they swap places with all the brown toads. Use the fewest number of moves possible. Rules:...


Year 6 have been learning how to begin programming the Lego EV3 . Before we could begin, however, we had to follow instructions to construct a robot. Completed EV3 robots
Harold the Giraffe

Harold the Giraffe

We have been so lucky to have Harold, the Giraffe, and his friend Chris visit us from Life Education Trust. Harold has been helping us to recognise and acknowledge feelings such as sadness, happiness and anger.  Harold reminded us of the important qualities of...

Welcome to Year 5

Hello to all, What a fantastic start we have had to year 5! Firstly, I would like to say well done to all of the children for doing incredibly well in their assessments. Each child did their very best, and the results have informed our learning this year. We have kick...

Performing Arts

We have been participating in Performing Arts with Gracie.  Gracie is extremely creative with what she is teaching us.  This week we had to get into groups and create different objects and animals in a limited time span.  It was heaps of fun.  See if you can figure...

Introducing the Kakariki Class of 2019

We decided the Kakariki would best suit us being cheeky, chatty Parakeets, beautiful in colour and song.   You can listen to what they sound like through the link and I’m sure you will agree it...

Waitangi Day – The Hihi and Ruru Class Treaty

Today we discussed Waitangi Day. The Hihi class acted out the role of the tangata whenua (Maori) of New Zealand, whilst our Ruru friends were the British settlers. We explored the need to create a Treaty to ensure that we are all protected by fair rules, which we all...

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